Black Belts

Achievement of a Black Belt is the culmination of many years of hard work by a student to reach the standard required for such an award. The award of a black belt is not taken lightly as the standards of the Shitoryu Karate Association are held in the highest regard throughout the karate community. The quality of our black belts is something we are very proud of and are committed to maintain both now and in the future.

Those named in the following list have successfully achieved our exacting standards for the grade held. All of our Dan grades have been assessed and awarded by Sensei Connell.


Sensei Sam Mansfield  – 3rd Dan

Hi My name is Sam and I have been honoured to run the club in Chineham for the last 25 years.   We are open to all comers of any age or ability.  Please feel free to come and give us a try.


Senpei Nic Mansfield ) – 1st Dan


Hi I’m Nic Mansfield and I’m currently 25. I’ve been training in karate for over 10 years and in that time I’ve been able to participate in competitions in England and Scotland. This all built up to obtaining my black belt in November 2017. For me, karate has been a great way to maintain overall fitness of my body and mind. I have also found it beneficial in creating and developing attitudes toward persevering and hard work that I use to great advantage in my day-to-day life.

Hi I am Mia Humphrys, I am currently  at college and have been involved with karate since I was about eight years old.  It is a sport I am proud to be part of which has taught me a lot about myself.  I received my Black belt in Nov 19 and it was one of the best moments ever.  It is my ambition to carry on with karate and to help teach the new students as they make the best decision ever “start karate”

Hi I am Jess Hamilton I have been in karate since I was 8 years of age it seem like ages ago.  Karate for me has been a great sport for  and I gained my Black belt in Nov 19.


Hi I am Lauren I received my Black in Nov 19, and I am very proud to be able to wear it.  Chineham Karate has really helped me both physically and in my general day to day life.  The discipline and respect that Karate engenders within you will be of benefit in everything.  I aspire to be the best I can be, and will try with the help of the club to represent Chineham in as many events, competitions as possible.