Our general training sessions cover a host of keep-fit and skill-enhancing activities throughout the year.

Karate Basics
This is the teaching of stances and movements required for self-defence and progress within karate. In addition to stances, we teach kicks, punches, blocks, and strikes with focus on execution and technique. Pads and punch bags are used to optimise the learning of these techniques, and their practice.

Otherwise known as sparring, we use kumite to give our students the opportunities to utilise the karate they are taught in monitored environments.

Kata is the name for a pre-determined sequence of karate movements, which we teach to assist with fluency and application of moves. These sequences vary in difficulty and are required for grading to higher belts. They are also used in competition up to and including international level.

We offer regular sessions on devoted to establishing and maintaining fitness for our club members. These are more frequent during the winter season but occur throughout the year.

In-House Competitions
By way of encouragement, we run competitions within the club based on effort and performance.