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One of the up and coming stars of the club, Josh did a remarkable thing and jumped two grades from 14th Kyu (Orange Belt) to Blue Belt (12th Kyu).  This was no mean feat and well earned Josh a real credit to the club and to yourself.  

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  A special comment for our most improved student who was awarded a special gift from the club for his effort, a new Karate sports bag –  Very well done Nayan a great example of putting in the effort !!! Congratulations also go to Vihaan who started the journey up the ladder with a step…

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Grading success for some our junior club members. Having met the expectations of visiting Sensei, Terry Connell, they were progressed further through the belts on their path to first Dan. After taking part in a series of sessions over three days our juniors were rewarded for their hard work. They continue to show commitment to…

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