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As we return after break over the holidays, we think it is important to look back at our successes over the past year and celebrate our achievements as individuals and as a club.   Achievements in grading   Congratulations to…   Steve (Oliver)  progressing to Red belt Thomas who went from White belt to Red…

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Go Chineham

James Lined up an ready to go Lauren in her line up Mia collecting her medal   Great success for Chineham Karate Club and for three entrants it was a first, Lauren and Mia at Black Belt level a real step up  and a special mention to James who in his first competition ever won…

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One of the up and coming stars of the club, Josh did a remarkable thing and jumped two grades from 14th Kyu (Orange Belt) to Blue Belt (12th Kyu).  This was no mean feat and well earned Josh a real credit to the club and to yourself.  

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